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Arcelan Sabri Sadiq
Software Engineer and Information Technology.
Master's Degree " Informations Technology  " June 2016
Manager of Informationís Technology Deptartment. Office of the Inspector General. Ministry of High Education & Scientific Research, Aug. 2012 Ė September 2013.

Experience :

1. CCNA2:Networking Expl. Routing v.4(Instructor Certification )

2. CCNA1:Networking Fundamentals v.4(Instructor Certification )

3. CCNA1:Networking Basics v.3 (Instructor Certification  )

4. National Informatization Strategy Development.

5. Systems Analysis & Software Engineering.

6. Projects Management and Planning.

7. Web Sites Engineering.

8. Maintenance of Computers Hardware.

9. Image Processing & Montage. 

10. IC3 ( Internet and Computing Core Certification ).

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